Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Peacekeeper

The peacekeeper goes about life
in a quiet way, 
with the grace of a dove, 
with a song in the heart
that beats a steady tune.

He gives up the struggle of conformity.

Her fear has flown over life's cragged course.

His trust is complete, 
unmistakably a part of a source 
greater than All.

To the power within
she keeps the steadfast vigil, 
knowing all is possible
within the circle of Light.

A light that is visible to those
who realize there is no greater 
reason for being than to reflect light
and be One with All.

His inner soul is not a mystery
to the peacekeeper.
He knows where he is going, 
is thankful where he has been, 
is content with who he is.
As he was born of the light, 
he will return to the light that is
forever and evermore.

The peacekeeper sees time as a gift, 
an orderly progression
of learning, which is crucial
to her mission.

She holds no malice, 
no judgement, 
no regrets.
She knows not of death.
She clings to the truth as her mentor.
Her love is immeasurable, 
She is the essence of all she creates, 
reaching out into the harmony
of all that is.

Who is the peacekeeper?
He is you
She is me, 
hiding as a human...
free as the soul.


  1. Brilliant! This is just staggeringly brilliant! Keep writing!!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words dear friend, brightest blessings!