Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Remember the Wishing Well..

We meet in the lust highway...
Distant voices call to you,
now you're free,
who do you want to be?

Now we part,
I will keep some small of you
in my heart...
dreamers that lovers dream...

Your love and affection turned
my love around...
You're sailing to salty seas,
not my tears...
a beginning..
from the rote of rot,
unsettled, unscathed..
They will never know
in the scorn of our snarls...

We'll laugh our last dying breath
knowing we seceded over the sepulcher...

Truth can't be wrestled
from the dying...

Be brave.


  1. Truth can't be wrestled
    from the dying...powerful line..powerful poetry

  2. Thank you R, I barely remember writing it... twas a night of hellish torment.