Sunday, July 12, 2009

Foaming at the Fancy

Illustrious elevator illusions
in orangey fits and flights
of a lascivious leering,
olive sea eyes watching within.

Breathy echos of ancient chant
in clandestine chants
through bare wood bannisters 
and mirrored raptures.

Silky filtered smokescreens
portend savory bits
in lushy fleshy pink,
drawn shades hide
tremolo tapping beats
of chaotic chords.

Bobbin weave of liquid writhe
massage quavering mountains
and velvety valleys in coo.

Mind's eye rising wide eyed mist
in peaked pungent pursing;
a taunting in unfrocked opening
surging stifled oceans
in foamy lace and tangled coif...
sending ripples to a sunlit window.

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